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P A DVD Player Amplifier/USB Player >> P. A. DVD Player Amplifiers
CD-2500 : 250W • AC / DC 24V, 6 Mike 2 Aux
  • Multiple inputs for 6 Mikes / 2 Aux source
  • Line input for connecting the output from any external mixer or permitting to be used as a booster power amplifier.
  • Preamplifier and line output for connecting to a booster amplifier and for recording the programme
  • Box speaker/driver unit selector switch. Bass boost defeated at driver unit position for safer operations of driver unit.
  • Resettable circuit breaker for protection against overload and short circuit
  • Booster amplifier can be connected through line out and pre amplifier provided at the back.
  • External speaker connections are provided for 4, 8 Ohms and 70V, 100V line