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P A DVD Player Amplifier/USB Player >> P. A. Mobile Amplifiers cum Siren
MSA-500 : 50W DC 12V, 2Mike 1 Aux & 2 Siren Tone • 50W
  • Inputs 2 Mikes / 1 Aux source.
  • Siren on/off switch provided.
  • Provided with clamp to fit it under the front dash board.
  • Selector switch to select between the two siren (Wailing & Yelping) with volume control.
  • External speaker connections for 4, 8 Ohms and 100V line speakers.
  • Recommended for use with mike PT-400 & horn speaker P-110 / PUH - 60.
  • Ideal for police vehicles, crowd control, ambulance, publicity van, electioneering etc.